Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guitar Hero for Meerkat Fans

Ever see Guitar Hero? The stupid game that my kids must play every minute they are not fighting over it or sleeping. Basically, you get a "guitar" with colored buttons. No strings, Feh!
As the animated rock group starts to play, the colors come at you (faster and faster) as you attempt to press the coordinated button. Sort of like the game Simon, if you are old enough to remember that "quick thinking" game. Anyway, my intent of this posting is not to make you jealous that my kids are gyrating and screaming in front of the TV while playing Freebird for the 50th time in one hour. Well, maybe you are jealous, because maybe your kids like to read instead, where my kids would rather freeze it and use the book as a hockey puk.

Anyway, I'm starting to see that I'm no better. I should be doing something more productive right now, such as responding to emails about FCAT Explorer, EBSCO or unitedsreaming, or doing laundry (I know this is odd, but....I hate doing laundry). Instead I'm blogging and twittering and playing Meerkat Dance-Off. You can make the meerkat dance by hitting the coordinating buttons as they light up on the screen.

Totally addicting in a "guitar hero' sort of way.

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