Saturday, August 18, 2007

Work Wife Syndrome...Do I Suffer?

This posting, by my pal, Kim Cavanaugh over at BrainFrieze does a great job of painting a picture of a recent presentation we did for a handful of dynamic Library Media Specialists in our school district. It's always a treat to present with Kim. Mostly because he willingly does what he does best, like most of the talking (and talking, and talking) and I can do what I do best, which is mostly butting in while he is talking. He refers to me as his "work wife." I don't know why. Especially because I only tell him what to do if he doesn't do it right the first time. I only nag him about something if he says he'll do something and then doesn't. And, I sometimes (really, only sometimes... rarely, actually) explain his opinion to him! Sometimes he just needs a little clarity. Listen, don't we all?
Although Kim did an excellent job of telling about the theme of our presentation and giving some great examples of our vision, this is what he failed to tell you (and as his "work wife" it is my duty to explain what he failed to)... He and I have been absolutely SLAMMED at work with our own projects and various fires to extinguish. As a matter of fact, on the rare occasion that either of us could actually give some thought to this presentation, it was never at the same time. In addition, up until we left to drive to the presentation (separately mind you, so there was still no time for collaboration in the car), we still had not had a chance to finalize (or really discuss at all) what and how we would present. I felt nervous about this because I usually need a few weeks to prepare for any presentation and at least a few hours (ok, I really require at least a full day) prior to totally obsess about it. Don't the participants deserve at least that? What I should have realized is that Kim and I have, for so long, been on the same page about Web 2.0 and the responsibility of educators to address current online trends that we didn't need to prepare. In fact, we sort of fell into a typical lunchtime discussion that he and I have frequently, and very naturally included the audience in the conversation. Based on the feedback from the session, the result was a very relaxed, informative, slightly humorous presentation that (hopefully) motivated the teachers to go back to their schools and bring the important questions to their faculties and administrators.

Back to why he calls me his "work wife..." Should I be insulted?

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Insulted? I would think you'd feel honored. ;-)