Saturday, June 23, 2007

Family Vacation

YouTube released YTRemixer, which allows users to remix videos already posted online as well as create new videos from scratch. Unfortunately it will only work on a PC and with Adobe Premier Elements.

For a an online (and better, because it works on my Mac and it's free) version, try Jumpcut. I've been using Jumpcut for awhile now. The entire program is online in a drag-and-drop interface. Below is an example I just threw together of my family's yearly reunion/vacation at Club Med Sandpiper last week. By the way, that first picture is of my father-in-law's first meal. He's supposed to eat healthily (aren't we all?) but at his first opportunity, he chose what he really enjoys, or maybe it was just to irk my mother-in-law(most likely the latter).

Warning: The following slideshow may cause excessive yawning and, in not-so-rare cases, actual slumber, to any person(s) not included in the photos. Be sure to follow blogger's orders and remain seated for the duration of the slideshow. If reader is unable to wake up after a reasonable amount of time, check out other bloggers, like this one, or this one, or this one, for more exciting content.

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