Sunday, June 03, 2007

Are We Musically Compatible?

iLike can help you discover new artists through their automatic recommendations. There is a slick, Flash-based interface that automatically opens as a sidebar in iTunes. They claim no adware or malware. So far, iLiking it. When you add friends and they install the iTunes/iLike toolbar, you can see what music they've listened to recently and what music enjoy most often. My friend, Kim, has a knack for making me feel useful, so (just to humor me, I'm sure) he decided to accept my "friend" request. He claims our musical compatibility is low, but when I took a look, it showed that our compatibility (musically, of course) is actually medium. Could a relationship improve that effortlessly and quickly? How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool service. I'm not sure all the songs I play on my iPod are getting pulled in to my playlist, but it's interesting to see similar artists. I could definitely waste some serious time checking out new music.

Anonymous said...

Hey GeekyMomma--It's Betsy from Discovery. I found your blog, read this post and immediately checked out iLike. It's great! My husband and I are already addicted. Very cool service.

Lee Kolbert said...

Hey Betsy!
Welcome to my blog! Let's see if we are musically compatible. How was NECC, were you there?