Saturday, May 19, 2007

Music and Being Relevant

A rambling thought here. Try to stay with me.

You may recall my previous post about MeatLoaf, where a record number of comments were posted to GeekyMomma blog. (Ok, so maybe there were only 10 comments- 3 of them from me, BUT they were passionate comments!) A few readers took offense when I called musician, Kasim Sulton, a "Dweeb." Well, I did apologize for the insensitive comment (who knew?) and I have since had the opportunity to listen to Kasim Sulton's latest CD, All Sides, thanks to reader, CSW, who sent me the CD so that I could offer a "fair" review. I'm not sure why anyone cares what I think about music (or anything else for that matter) but since she asked, and sent me the CD, I thought it only proper for me to opine.

Well, I'm not a music critic, but I thought most of the songs were pretty good, although not terribly memorable. They reminded me of some old STYX songs (are there any new ones?). I did enjoy the soulful sound of In The Name of Love. Clearly though the songs are personal to the artist, reflecting a full (though away from the spotlight) career and much time and energy went into making this CD.

This all got me thinking about how hard most people work every day to put out their "product." In this case the product is a music CD but in many cases the product is the next project or, as teachers, the next lesson. We've all had the experience of working long hours on something to make it the absolute best while agonizing over every little detail. We hope and even convince ourselves that what we are doing is of value to others.

I wonder if, in fact, our brains are wired so that we simply engage in delusions so as to keep ourselves feeling relevant.

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