Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Think!

Miguel shares this video and stimulates some much needed conversation about thinking carefully before posting pictures of yourself online. The video does a great job of making it real for kids.

We can talk with them about the possible repercussions of posting a picture (or anything) online, but most teenagers are treating this like the "Don't smoke/do drugs/have sex/bully/cheat" conversations we've been having with them for years. This video, Think Before You Post, and others like it, powerfully gets the message to our kids that this issue is relevant. Karl Fisch asks, "How do we effectively educate our students regarding the irrevocability of anything they post online?"

I believe we have to make this sort of thing part of our daily conversations. There are quite a few ad campaigns out there already and we need to not only create more PSA's but engage our students in creating them as well. Teachers can use these to further integrate the idea of "irrevocability" by sharing real world examples of common problems with posting personal info on the Internet, leaving voicemail messages in anger and sending angry emails.

One more thought... is this whole idea of "Think Before You Speak" new? Or are we just seeing additional (more current) reasons this old adage is not only still true but more relevant than ever?

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