Friday, April 20, 2007

Just a Couple of Questions Here...

First, I propose that we not call him by the name on his driver's license, let's call him by what he really was, Evil Sick F***!

Like everyone else who has been glued to the news since Monday, I can't seem to get my mind off of what happened at VT. I don't want to hear more about it, but I can't seem to pull myself away from the news. Unfortunately, as I consume more news, I get angrier and angrier, mostly at the way this is all being reported and what we "appear" to be doing about preventing this sort of thing. So, maybe you can help me here. I have just a few questions.

32 people dead (not counting ESF), but how many victims are there really? There are those who were killed, those who were shot, those who were nearly shot, those who were passed by but met ESF's glance, those who knew the victims, those who didn't know the victims but maybe: live in a room in the same dorm hall, have a class in the same academic hall, attend VT, teaches/taught at VT, visited the campus, knew someone who knew someone, a connection to a similar incident like Colombine, FSU (remember Ted Bundy?), Lancaster County, PA, (the Amish school killings), have children, went to college, ... I can go on and on. How many people does something like this really affect? Why are we continuing to give ESF a platform by running his sick twisted videos on NBC? Is there anyone else out there who is teetering on the edge and after watching ESF's rantings can NOW muster the courage to go out and do his or her thing, perhaps topping the 32 count? Copycat threats are proliferating everywhere! Will the victim count continue to rise? and for how long?

How secure are our schools really? (I already know this answer, but I don't like my answer so maybe you have a better response.) Is there any way to stop another ESF if it happens again? Is it possible that 32 people were killed because nobody tried to stop him? Is this the work of one person or our entire society? Are we now reaching for the same old solutions? Tighten gun control, build more gates around our campuses, curtail violent video games, sex and pornography. Stories are emerging about how ESF was bullied in school. What can we do about that?

(Sarcasm alert!)
Maybe we should ban cell phones in our schools. Maybe we should ban ALL forms of communication in schools. If our students are allowed to exchange ideas and communicate in any way (even eye contact) they may use abuse this privilege and bully each other instead of focusing on education!

If there is a bottom line here (and I think there is, among all this random ranting, at least for this blog posting), it is that Political Correctness has gotten way out of control. Truth is, our education policy makers don't really care if we prevent this sort of thing again, they just want to be sure we prevent it from happening on our watch. So, instead of teaching, identifying, helping, reaching out... we send them away from the school (suspension), ban their devices, block their access, and put more locks on the doors. Is it working?

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