Sunday, April 29, 2007

How To Embarrass Your 17-Year Old

How to embarrass your 17 year old?
At a Bar Mitzvah, or any major family event, choose from any of the below choices (extra points for doing all 4):

1. You force him to dance with you during the Mother/Son dance
2. pretend to sing into one of those blow-up microphones when the D.J. plays "Shout!"
3. Pose for pictures like this hoping that he agrees that you are "so fly!"
4. Blog about him!


MD. said...

I think that picture is wonderful! I mean you could take him to his senior prom and just scream his name out the window!!

Love You

Anonymous said...

That can't possibly be the little second grader that I had.

Lee Kolbert said...

Mandy, Don't tell me you're still harboring a grudge over that minor little incident? Besides, I have to come up with new/innovative ways to embarrass him. I want your "prom" moment to be special. That way you can still "hom'in with the family!" Good thing I don't attempt to embarrass you anymore, huh?

Lee Kolbert said...

Can I call you "S?"
That is definitely the little 2nd grader you had. BTW: He still doesn't make his 8's right. :) But he does still hang out with a lot of those same kids from your class. How cool is that?

MD. said...

You never embarass me! I enjoy every moment with you. :)