Monday, April 23, 2007

Cyberbullying - Making It Real!

I attended a fabulous conference last week and I just have to blog about the session by FAU's Sameer Hinduja on Cyberbullying. It was really one of the best conference breakout sessions I've attended in a long time. He presented some terrific arguments for teaching students to use technology responsibly instead of just banning everything they touch. He had a quick, meaty presentation that presented lots of facts in an interesting way. Interspersed were videos and comments from "real-life" bullies and those who have been bullied (I'd say most of us have fit into one or the other categories, perhaps even both), but best of all was the way he explained to us "digital immigrants" exactly what MySpace is all about. He used a Trendspotting clip from Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on social networking. It is only about 5 minutes long, but very clever and very accurate. I'm hoping to get permission from Comedy Central and Viacom to use it in my future presentations. Check it out!

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