Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mitzvah 2.0?

Alyson M. LeBlanc and Audie R. Confesor are pleased to invite you to log on to their wedding webcast, Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 6:00PM EST.

Interesting idea to bring your wedding to the world. We are planning my son's Bar Mitzvah and I can't help but wonder what would be the advantages of doing this same thing for his Bar Mitzvah. I think I'll call it "Mitzvah 2.0." Just think of the advantages:
  • No travel arrangements needed for relatives who live far away. Guests just log on, provide their credit card numbers through PayPal where a gift in a selected denomination of 18 will be automatically sent to the Bar Mitzvah to his PayPal account.
  • Cost savings on catering. I can post suggestions for your Mitzvah 2.0 participatory meal at home. This would, of course, include: Challah, Nova, bagels, shmere, smoked fish, and creamed herring. And don't forget the Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers (or Whiskey Sours for the older folks). Metallic bib is optional. For our Gentile friends, we would kindly ask that they refrain from including ham hocks, pig's feet or back-bacon in their meals.
  • Cost savings on photographer. Guests will be asked to take a webcam photo of themselves and upload to Flickr.
  • No band or D.J. Simply! Open music sharing on iTunes or send a link with your Mitzvah 2.0 playlist, which of course will include, Hava Nagila.
  • Guests don't really have to know the words to the prayers. They can just follow along with the "bouncing ball."
  • No need to "make nice" with the relatives you can't stand. Simply block them on your Mitzvah 2.0 Buddy List.
  • No germs from kissing the Torah as it passes by you. You can wipe your screen with an alcohol wipe before the ceremony, ensuring a sanitary Mitzvah 2.0
Oh, I could go on with the all the benefits of having a Mitzvah 2.0, but I think the old-fashioned Bar Mitzvah, small and intimate with proud family and friends (actually in attendance), will never go out of style.

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Will you send us the link? I'd like to sign on.