Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Duck Anyone?

How do you get rid of a Muscovy Duck? We've had one on our roof for a few years now and although we recently re-roofed, thanks to Hurrican Wilma, this sucker is back with a vengeance! It has created a dam so now our brand-new roof is not draining properly!

In Florida, Muscovy Ducks are considered "invasive," but are protected by state statute 828.12, which makes shooting or hurting them in anyway punishable by law. You also can not relocate them. What do they recommend? That you remove their eggs each time one is laid.

Uh! I think I'll opt for something a little quicker! Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

They nest in the corners of our house. We throww all eggs in our canal. It hasn't made much of an impact! Good luck. Joyce

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could use this :)


Lee Kolbert said...

That actually looks pretty good. I'm thinking now it might be just in time for Thanksgiving that this bird has landed on my roof!