Friday, September 29, 2006

Please Turn Off All Electronic Devices

At work, we got some good mileage out of Karl Fisch's Did You Know presentation about how the world is changing and we all better keep up or be left behind. Of course, since we used it to present to the people who sit in the Big Chairs, we had to "clean it up" for political correctness... you know, no references to "Shift" happening or the fact that "Sometimes size does matter!" Well, Karl, The Fischbowl Blog, has created another passionate presentation that clearly drives home his/my/our point that "Shift Happens!"
"I don’t thing [sic] that change is going to stop occurring, in fact, I believe it is going to accelerate – so how do we deal with that? I think one way to deal with that is to talk about it and to leverage the tools however we can to help students learn, not issue blanket statements banning their use."
Read his entire post. It's time well spent! And check out his presenation in .wmv. He also posts it as an .mp3 and .ppt with permission to modify and use. "As with Did You Know, you are welcome to use it or modify it in any way you see fit if you think it will help with conversations in your schools – or elsewhere."

Thank you, Karl! You are truly a teacher's teacher!


Anonymous said...

Lee, The Did You Know PowerPoint was used at one of the breakout sessions at last week's FAEDS Convention by a couple of teachers demonstrating blogging and wikis. Good stuff! And a good plug for Karl's site. JP

Karl Fisch said...

Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for pointing out the typo on my post - I'm surprised someone on my own staff didn't gleefully point that out!

When my principal showed Did You Know to parents at Back To School Night, we decided to take the "Size Matters" slide out, but left in Shift Happens - no complaints (so far).

Lee Kolbert said...

All the members of our team really liked the humor (and power) of keeping those references in, but as I said in my original post, the PC game is a little too important to those who make the big bucks in our district.