Friday, August 04, 2006

Podcasts from Boot Camp

Here are a couple of podcasts I made this week with the Library Media Specialists who were participating in a Technology Boot Camp in our district.

They were my first podcasts using our new voice recorder from M-Audio.
I've created some podcasts before using my iPod and a Griffin iTalk. But the quality and converting process to make the files an appropriate format has been less than ideal. I was very impressed with how easy these were to create and the quality of the audio. Although I could have uploaded them as is, because the voice recorder automatically creates MP3 format files, I wanted to move my sound bites around a little bit and add some music so I used Garageband to then create the final versions.

In this one, I asked the participants what they would see if they were to walk into their Library Media Center in 20 years.

In this podcast, participants tell what, about their own Library Media Centers, they are most proud of.

Time involved per podcast:
recording: 15 minutes total
creating podast in Garageband: 30 minutes (with interruptions)

Pretty cool! Thank you to my friend, Mark, for recommending this great device!

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Anonymous said...

The podcast is amazingly clear. I may have to get myself one of the M-Audio voice recorders.