Thursday, August 10, 2006

Learning To Go

The focus lately has been on podcasts and how podcasts in the classroom are taking us a little closer to reaching all of our students and families. The digital-divide still exists, of course, and some students may never own an iPod or MP3 player, but an awful lot of kids, even very poor ones cellphones. Students can download podcasts directly to their cellphones to take learning with them. How cool is that for kids to be working on their writing skills, enjoying a book review, do own , or listening to an educational podcast while "appearing" to be talking on their phones? Check out Bit By Bit for a great example of how teacher, Bob Sprankle, uses podcasts in the classroom.

As if that weren't enough, teachers and students can now also create/convert video content that can be loaded on students' cellphones. With Quicktime Pro, you can export your video to 3GP format, then send it to the phone. Just think of the possibilities this opens up for sharing digital video content with parents and other students. Teachers can also put unitedstreaming videos on student's cellphones so they can catch up on some missed material or improve weak skills. Many of these cell phones also can record video. Gone are the days where students had to wait in line for their turn at the video camera.

It sure is hard to keep up, but an awful lot of fun trying!

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