Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fly Like A Girl?

Every now and then, our group is caught in one of those "waiting" moments. You know, waiting for everyone to show up, waiting for a conversation that went on way too long to end, waiting for papers to be collected, etc. At these moments, our usually reserved and professional (ahem) team might make a joke or two and well, during yesterday's moment, a few of us decided to create paper airplanes. I have to admit that if there's ever a time to look "Girly," this was it! Not by intention, mind you... I was doing EXACTLY what the Big Boys were doing. Folding, folding, folding, LAUNCH! I saw nothing wrong with what I created, until I looked around and noticed others snickering at my efforts. Ok, guys! Here's a secret! I grew up as a girl and nobody EVER taught me how to make an aerodynamic paper airplane. Well, I have news for all of you! I'm now practicing and I'll soon be ready for Guinness Record flight competition.

Of course I'm still working on my rubberband gun technique... Who knew that there were so many absolutely correct ways to torture others?

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