Sunday, May 07, 2006

Portable Browser for Everyone

If you're like me, you've grown accustomed to using a particular browser, not to mention to having your bookmarks organized the way you like them. At home, I prefer to use the open-source Flock browser, which is based on the popular alternative (and also open-source) browser, Firefox. Mostly because I really like the way it integrates with Blogger, Typepad and Wordpress and I enjoy the notion of having my (and other popular) bookmarks at my fingertips through I also use Firefox because Firefox seems to work a whole lot better than Safari and (gasp) Internet Explorer and also because at work, funky things happen when you use, not only Flock, but any non-standard, non-approved, web-based applications! So, for now Firefox does the trick.

I bring all this up because when I do teacher trainings, I'm usually at a school site using the Internet and sometimes I am not using my laptop computer. I've recently discovered Portable Firefox. This neat little app lets you actually install a full version of the browser onto your flash drive. Once installed it works just like the version you run on your desktop/laptop. The nice thing is that you can browse the Internet using the browser on your Flashdrive and your bookmarks will always be with you. Since, you can import previously saved bookmarks from other browsers, there's really no reason you can't use Portable Firefox as your one and only.

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Anonymous said...

I use Firefox both at home and everywhere I go. I have Portable Firefox with me in my bookbag where ever I am on campus or traveling. I just enjoy using the browser.