Monday, February 13, 2006

What? Video Games Are GOOD For You?

It's unbelievable, I know! How could this be true? What will they come up with next? The big question is, What will I yell at my kids about?

Personally, I'm looking forward to the next scientific findings like:

  1. McDonald's french fries help you lose weight!
  2. Married men who watch football (all the time) have happy wives!
  3. Stay-At-Home Moms have high self-esteem!
Ok, check it out yourself!

Now, honestly? I knew this all along! Some schools will block any website for student use that offer game-play regardless of content. I've questioned this practice for as long as I've been teaching and there've been computers (let's just say, I've taught longer than computers have been around). Luckily, now most schools have someone who take the time to look before deciding to block, afterall, playing video games requires higher dexterity, ability to block out irrelevant information, faster reflexes and multi-tasking. How could that not lead to higher mental gains?

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