Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bad Tips from Hair Stylists

A conversation with a good friend of mine, a professional hoarder, got me thinking that I should start tossing some stuff that I just don't use anymore. So, today in the shower, I began to look through the oodles of bottles of hair conditioner I've accumulated over the months (er, ok over the years). You might be wondering why so many bottles. Well, just to give you a little background, my hair is very thick and wavy and I, of course, like to wear it straight. So, in my never-ending battle to keep it straight and smooth and non-damaged, and colored to cover the gray, and highlighted... let's just say I tend to splurge just a little bit on hair conditioner because the labels always promise to make my hair shiny and smooth. Hey, the models on the labels have really nice hair! Anyway, it started me thinking on some of the worst advice I've received from hair stylists over the years. Here's a just few that come to mind right away:

  1. Smooth mayonnaise over your hair, wrap in a towel and leave on for an hour, then wash. Result: Silky, smooth and smelled like a salad for 3 days.
  2. Massage Olive Oil into scalp, wrap in a towel, and hold head under heat lamp. Result: Clean hair looked greasy. Took 3 separate washings to finally look and feel clean again.
  3. Use (expensive) hair conditioner to shave legs. Result: I actually fell for this one, not realizing that this was his sleazy ploy to sell me more of this conditioner. Did it work? Well, I suppose it was ok, if you don't mind switching blades instead of rinsing them because the "shaving cream" was so thick and gooey that it wouldn't rinse out of the shaver. Cost: $45.00 for 8 oz of conditioner, $12.00 for 4 blades (per shave). Back to good ol' Gillette!
What bad advice hair stylist advice can you share?

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Anonymous said...

I've always tried the ones that would make my straight hair one is ever pleased with their hair.

Lee Kolbert said...

Oh yes! Forgot to mention the conditioners "specifically" designed to make curly hair straight or straight hair curly. Why DO we fall for such things?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! As a stylist myself, I am enjoying reading these... I find myself in pain almost daily as I hear my fellow stylists hand out ridiculous advice to their clients in an attempt to sell product or sound like they have 'THE SECRET' that most women are looking for. Being a stylist, it is difficult to have the clients come in and ask for some of this as well because they read it in Cosmo or heard that Jessica Simpson washes her hair with first morning urine or whatever.

I am a stylist who TRIES to keep some level of reality for people. I say things like, 'if you like your $2 shampoo and it works well for you, why do you think you need my $14 shampoo?' These products aren't miracles... they're detergents. Sometimes I feel like a fake, an undercover non-stylist sent to listen in on client to stylist conversations and occasionally, if there are enough hours in the day, set them straight.

Lee Kolbert said...

If only there were more hairsylists like you out there, Silversonic! I think there's a definite place for honest under-cover stylists like you. Maybe you can start your own secret society, so customers like me would know that you are HS certified (Honest Stylist Certified)!

Anonymous said...

Hey GM, I will do my best to continue the slow infiltration into the stylist world!

The first step is to show women and girls that they cannot believe all that they hear or read and secondly, but most importantly- we are all just fine the way we are... hair product will NOT change our lives or make us 'better'. It is only the second cherry on top of what is already a very beautiful and complete sundae.

Anonymous said...

I find some cheap conditioners work better than expensive ones I purchased. It just is that way sometimes.

Also if you're wet shaving AND you run out of shaving cream, hair conditioner is waaay better than using soap which will dry your skin.

Anyhow there are better ways of leg hair removal than wet shaving to begin with.

Thankfully for many things like hair conditioners and hair removal there are OPTIONS and not just what the 'experts' tell us to do.

Thanks for all the info on this site!

Anonymous said...

i have used a non-itch spray but all that did was make the itching worse. :(