Monday, January 02, 2006

Oh Canada!

My family is off to another ice hockey tournament. Usually, we spend our Saturdays and Sundays traveling to local rinks or maybe take a day or two and venture as far as Tampa or even Marlbourough, Mass., but this time, we are going to freeze our butts off in Gatineau, ON in Ottawa (the capital of Canada). The packing has been quite interesting since our son has decided that he won't be cold. So, he'd prefer to forgo the jacket, the scarf, the long socks, and basically anything else his father and I suggest, he will be just fine without! Although he did agree to "bring" the thermal longjohns we purchased, whether or not he wears them, we'll see. Hey, it's only 19 degrees there today, anyway, so I don't know what all the fuss is about!

While planning this trip, I have a few travel tournament prayers for the Ice-Hockey G_d:

  1. Dear G_d, let our flights not be delayed so we aren't biting eachother's heads off because one of us is not walking/running/breathing fast enough.
  2. Please G_d, let our luggage not be lost so that we are not stuck wearing the same clothes for six days. Especially please, do not lose the hockey equipment bag, because purchasing new equipment will mean we won't be able to afford to return home.
  3. Please G_d, let the boys on the other team be the same weight and build as MY son. While we're at it, let them also be as timid of checking the other boys as is mine! Don't they know Florida ice hockey players are GOONS? (Just in case any of them are reading this, ya never know!)
  4. And, G_d? If you can't manage #3, could you at least make sure any injuries incurred do NOT require a visit to a Canadian hospital? I just don't know how to say "insurance" in French.
  5. One more thing, while we're at it, G_d? The boys have never had a chance to see an outdoor skating rink, and Ottawa has the world's largest. So, if you can keep it cold for a few more days so that the Rideau Canal has a chance to freeze properly and we can all check out this amazing site!
  6. This time, we are leaving our youngest son at home with his grandparents, and he's starting a new school the same day we return, so G_d? If you can manage one more miracle, can you see to it that he has an awesome first day and makes some new (nice) friends. He's such a great kid, but sometimes the other kids don't give him a chance.
So, that's about it, I suppose for our prayers. Not too tall an order, I don't think. We'll be back in a few days and happy, I'm sure, to peel off the layers of clothing to enjoy our beautiful South Florida weather.

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