Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Teacher Fired for Teaching on Macintosh Computers

According to the Asbury Park Press, teacher, Karen Bosley, was fired from her position as faculty advisor to the student newspaper because "...the paper contains too many errors and that student staff, because they use Macintosh computers, are not being prepared for the real world."

This response from the Macdailynews says it perfectly: "Macintoshes dominate newsrooms around the world; appropriately so, since Apple brought desktop publishing to the world with the Mac. To not use a Mac for a student newspaper would be a fine example of not preparing your students for the real world. But, you don't teach platforms, you teach concepts. Platforms change too rapidly (recent Windows excepted). Schools should use Macs, since they're easier to maintain, virus-free, and just plain better quality hardware and software overall. Students will be as OK as they can be with whatever Mac operating system copy that Microsoft has on the market when they graduate. It'll still be a disappointing step down to learn on Macs and be stuck with Windows in a cubicle, but they'll know how to use a computer when it's working just fine. That's the point, right? The amount of ignorant people in the world, who are for some reason or another allowed to make decisions affecting others, sometimes boggles the mind."


Anonymous said...

You're right! Mac's did start a lot of desktop publishing way back in the day(though Ventura was the top pubishing software at that time and ran on PCs). I actually pubished a magazine (13 issues) using PageMaker back in the 90's. I used a PC, though. Could never afford the Mac. Still can't.

Ah, but that's the difference between preparing for the past and preparing for the future.

Lee Kolbert said...

It's amazing that people are so possessive of their OS that such hostility still exists. Can you imagine students of today NOT learning how to use Macs and still being prepared for the future? I don't think so!

I'll be using InDesign for the first time as I venture into the (conference brochure) publishing world. There's still issues though (with our printing department) with accepting anything from a Mac!