Friday, November 11, 2005

Welcome to my memories!

My sister and I are in our home town, Spring Valley, NY. I haven't been back since 1979. I'm here for my 25th High School reunion (tonight... I'll blog more tomorrow) and we've visited our childhood neighborhood yesterday a bit. I've posted pics which will bore most but a few people like family members and other childhood friends (Missy, Debbie, Elise, Cathy, Susan...) might find them interesting. Unfortunately the sight has limited space so I couldn't include comments. If you would like the emails WITH comments (come on, you know you do) click on the link at the bottom that says "send me a message" and I'll send them to you. Of course, some of you (lucky ones) are going to get them without an email request, just because!

Blogfully yours,

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Anonymous said...

dude, i ate a gaines burger in that house.