Sunday, September 04, 2005

What Color Are You?

Not one to ever notice one's "color," apparently it is important to some. As mentioned in my last blog entry, My Group has been charged with choosing its own unique, meaningful color. Speaking to some others who are not in education (they are out there in the "real" world) they seemed totally NOT surprised. Apparently this sort of time-wasting stuff runs rampant in corporate America. It was recommended to me that I not fight it. So, I thought for a little while I will put aside what I thought was important, that is helping teachers to raise student achievement. And I took the Color Test (see link in title). Not surprisingly, my color came out to be BLACK. Not sure exactly what that says about me, other than my particular mood about this whole thing, but hey, black is quite slimming so if I have to wear black to these Bobble-meetings, there is an up-side.

I'm curious how others in My Group would score.


Anonymous said...

It's Tropical Rain Forest for me. Of course, I was a little distracted by the banner ad, so I'm not sure how reliable that is.


Anonymous said...

Ah... my friend, my color is black also. Which if I remember correctly is a compilation of all other colors.

mysterious, powerful, sophisticated

Hircine said...

Actually, Black is the absence of all color, since light is white and contains all color, and darkness is the absence of light and inherently black. I got a very strange score- Fuchsia - magical, visionary, intuitive. I was expecting black, I'm interested in Music, have always been a metal-head, and could care less about the Earth... strange.