Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Spaceship Has Landed

I sat in a meeting yesterday and honestly couldn't believe what I was experiencing... Rather than write about what was really going on (what fun is that?) I'm going to write about my perception. Honestly... There were NO drugs involved!

The meeting began with too many people sitting around a rectangular group of tables. Our small group was being welcomed into an already established larger group. As more and more people started pouring in and sitting down, each person transormed into a bobble-head. Each head much larger than it's body, had a glued on 'larger than life' smile with BIG teeth and the heads just kept bobbing, BOBBING, BOBBING, back and forth! In unison, in the same direction. Very loud laughing sounds would quickly rise and fall. These sounds would come from some internal speaker mechanism on the bobbles each time the door opened and a new person, soon to become another bobble-member entered the room. Finally, Master Bobble stood up and asked each smaller bobble to introduce itself. After the first two or three introductions, it was clear that all the bobbles were programmed the same and I just sort of zoned out. At that time, I glanced over at the only people who were still human, that is My Group. Clearly there were seeing the same Bobble display as I because their faces were... well... trying to ignore all the BOBBING, and eyeing the nearest exit in case talked turned to "sacrifice" or "pleasing the gods" or something like that. Who knew?

Then, the Bobbles engaged in this incredibly bizarre ritual! Two of the newest members to enter the room, stood up and sang, "I'm A Little Teapot!" Team Bobbles laughed and applauded in appreciation, and Master Bobble resumed his meeting. No agenda, but there was a task item: Since our group had not yet been fully assimilated into Bobbledom, we could not enter until we could choose a color. This color would not only represent our group, but it had to be a MEANINGFUL color. (Visions of camp Color Wars with banners on our bunks and war paint on my face suddenly crossed my mind.) Meeting was over, we had to run, er I mean, leave first because all the bobble-heads couldn't fit through the door because, you guessed it, their heads were too big. They had to wait a little while until the swelling went down.

Obviously only some of that is really true... I'll let you decide which parts.

So, now My Group is charged with choosing a Team Color. Talk has turned to the following:

Black (Men In Black)
Clear (The women weren't really thrilled with that one, but we'd be willing to take one for the team)

What color goes with bobbles?


Anonymous said...

Oh that's just great. I can never attend one of those meetings again without thinking of bobbleheads.

Of course, you description is dead on...

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that a bunch of bobbleheads are in control of the school system. Ah....administration at its finest!