Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to School, Teach!

Today was the first day back to school for teachers. It was the first time I didn't engage in the ritual since being a teacher. Sure, there were the times, I was out on maternity leaves... but I probably showed up on the first day back with baby in arms just so everyone could coo and aah, and tell me how my fat belly really wasn't so fat, really! This year, though, was the first full year I've been out of the classroom. As an administrator in the District, I've enjoyed the benefits of working through the summer. Not only working through the summer, but enduring 10-hour work days, although only 4 days a week. Fridays off has been nice-even if it has taken me till 2:00pm to recuperate from my exhaustion. Just when I thought the summer would allow me an opportunity to catch up on some work, it turned out to be quite a hectic time. But back to the teacher ritual of first days back at school. Here's my list of the top 10 things I missed today:

10. Answering the same questions of everyone, "How was your summer? Ready to be back?"
9. Finding my 35 student desks stacked 3 high in the far corner of my classroom.
8. Finding out that I am, once again, the Team Leader, so now all the textbooks are in MY room, ready to be distributed TODAY.
7. Standing in line in the office to sign for my room key.
6. Schlepping copy paper cases, and cleaning supplies from my car to my room.
5. Seeing and hugging the other teachers I told (just 2 months before) I would call so we could go out for lunch this summer. My how time flies! Sorry, Girls!
4. Sitting in the endless faculty meeting and meeting our new principal, assistant principal, (fill in the blank here).
3. Going out to lunch (what a treat) and then going to the school supply store and spending a bundle!
2.Getting that first glimpse of my class list... like new draft picks.... great new possibilities!
and the #1 thing I missed today...
1. Seeing last year's students pop in to the classroom, SO excited to see me, with big smiles, big waves and big hugs (how could they have grown so much over just a few weeks?)

Maybe I DO miss teaching. Just a little...


Anonymous said...

I always liked arm-wrestling teachers for the few rolling carts that actually worked and then working up a good sweat lugging stuff all over campus in the August heat. Fun!


Lee Kolbert said...

Oh yes, the inevitable "Are you STILL using this?" conversations regarding carts and accidental "switching" of classroom furniture... forgot about that!

Anonymous said...

How about no air conditioning...constant fire alarms going off...teachers whining .....the office staff not happy that we're back... Do you still miss the good old days.... if so your room is empty again :)

Lee Kolbert said...

The office staff... ah yes. You gotta love 'em! I love that "I'm gonna ignore you because I CAN" game they play whenever you need something. Good thing we don't have ANYONE like that at the Distict level! ;)